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I met Svetlana , through my lovely book club, which I been a part of for many years.  When I found out Svetlana is a personal stylist, I was immediately keen to engage with her professionally.


Svetlana suggested a photoshoot  since she just started a new venture. The idea of a photoshoot sounded exciting and daunting at the same time. I trusted Svetlana as she always looks amazingly put together! 


Svetlana chose  from my existing wardrobe and accessories. I added a couple of pieces of jewelry that I made and some family heirlooms as well. 


The day of the photoshoot arrived, the team: Svetlana, Jay the photographer and Airi the make-up artist. Together they helped me relax and enjoy the experience very much! They played my favourite Latin tunes, that is when the fun exploded!

The photoshoot took about five hours! At the end out came the champagne and chocolates, what a treat! The difficult part was choosing the best photos, because they were so many good ones!


I will always cherish that day because it allowed me to look at myself through the camera lense and observe many different aspects of my persona. I thank you Svetlana and team for such a fabulous experience and I will love to continue to engage Svetlana in the future! 


I am very happy to have met you and embarked in such a great experience Svetlana. Many thanks Lupita


I use Style-by-Kara services for several years now and cannot be happier with the result. All the clothing items we choose with Clare have very long life in my wardrobe and migrate from one season to another. Also I am very pleased that all pieces are very wearable and compatible with each other. All in all I see Style-by-Kara services as an excellent way to save money on clothes, as well as time spent shopping. I have used Style-by -Kara services this summer season and I am planning to come back again for my winter wardrobe update in 2021.


Victoria, Administration Officer

I'm not fashion crazy at all, however, I wanted to see more variety with colour palette in my wardrobe, so I asked Svetlana for help. Not only did Svetlana provide me with valuable advice on the colour range to highlight my complexion and how to colour coordinate my outfits, she also helped me to see my shape and wardrobe options in a different light. Svetlana has a quick "eye" for personalising what's out there to your individual style and personality. In addition, Svetlana has a bright personality and is fun to deal with, so the experience of style makeover didn't seem overwhelming at all!

I'm now a lot better with "what to wear?" and "does this scarf go well with that top?" type of questions in my day to day life. As a result, I feel a lot more confident when hitting the shops these days!

Thank you, Svetlana!

Svetlana Wilson, Designer-dressmaker

I was not getting the best use out of my wardrobe and felt I would benefit from some help in making the best out of the clothes I already had. I needed a wardrobe that could easily move from smart casual, to smart, to potentially evening out.


The wardrobe review session was fabulous - Svetlana had great tips about style and how to make things work together. She did some "wardrobe coaching" which as a result had my wardrobe neatly organised, very user friendly, and ridden of the stuff that was creating clutter but no value.


I would highly recommend Svetlana as she has love, passion and deep knowledge and understanding of personal style. Her biggest talent and expertise, I believe, is in helping you bring your style from the inside out, which is very rare in the world where fashion and style rules are very easily imposed from the outside and without any consideration of the person at hand. 


It was a truly fun and rewarding experience. I highly recommend it.

Ella, School teacher

Svetlana has changed my wardrobe and style beyond my expectations. I was buying clothes but could never find the appropriate one when needed. Svetlana helped me reorganise my wardrobe. It was a true but very nice wardrobe makeover. 


She considered my wishes in terms of style and took into account my body silhouette, my skin tan and palette of colours that I like. Although I live in Brisbane, she also took in account different seasons, as I travel regularly to other places with different seasons. 


I was astonished at what Svetlana could achieve with my current wardrobe. With minimum expense we added few items that made matching clothes a breeze.


It was wonderful to learn and see how to match different styles and colours and yet achieved a holistic self and we shopped cost effectively.


I would recommend Svetlana to anyone who would like to have a personal stylist who would understand your personal wishes and needs. I am confident that you would be amazed at what Svetlana will produce for you  after a very few short sessions. It is well worth it. 

Well done Svetlana Kara. Thank you for styling me. Tried on clothes that I never would have ....and I loved them You gave me some wonderful advice and looking forward to future shopping.

Joanna Williams, personal trainer

Julia Adrych, Beauty studio owner

First time I met with a stylist and I loved it!

Svetlana did the full wardrobe assessment and took pictures of all outfits I have!

This was the best experience I've had with clothes in years. Moving to a different country, really messed up my ability to dress nicely. Living in Australia where it's almost 10 months of summer really relaxes you, all you need is a pair of sandals and a dress.

With the financial year coming to an end, and all the sales coming I couldn't wait to get to the shops and spend all my money on clothes, just so I will have something to wear. Thank god I met with Svetlana first. Not that she's only told me that I have enough clothes for the next couple of years, she also made the outfits and took the picture of every single one of them!

Svetlana's services are the best investment in your style, wardrobe and yourself.

Thank you Svetlana for your help!

Liubov Hickey, marketing officer

Every morning it takes me 30 seconds to decide what to wear today.

Svetlana gave me a fresh perspective on my current wardrobe and made all clothing items work even those that I was going to get rid of. The best word I could describe my experience with Style by Kara is ‘efficiency’.

Svetlana assessed my clothes, shoes and accessories; put together various outfits and photographed them. She did research for missing pieces in no time and sent me the list of links. All I had to do was to say what I liked or disliked sitting at my home computer desk. One week after our first session we were ready to meet again for the shopping together armed with the list of brands and items pre-selected earlier. Now every morning all I have to do is to pick the photo of the outfit I like the most. Easy!

I was pleasantly surprised how well Svetlana knew Australian brands and where to shop them in Brisbane. Change of plan was no problem for her; she could quickly think of where else I could find what I was looking for. She also knows when the SALES are on and when it is the best time to shop.

Svetlana listened carefully to what I liked in clothes and never imposed her opinion or personal taste onto me; although I was happy to experiment and definitely took her advice on board.

Svetlana has warm personality and lots of stories to tell, it is never boring to be around her, which definitely contributed to my happy shopping.

Svetlana, I am definitely another satisfied customer of yours. I will continue working with you.

Julia, Contracts Management @ Construction & Mining 

I had a great pleasure to work with the best stylist in town - Svetlana Kara! 


Firstly, we had a style coaching session at my place, where she reviewed my existing wardrobe and provided recommendations on what to keep and what to let go considering my personal colour scheme, style and the body shape. She assembled for me several capsule outfits that we photographed and I kept the images on my phone. That saves me now heaps of time in the morning before work! She also prepared and emailed me the shopping list of what to buy so to make my wardrobe complete and versatile.


After that session, I went for the personal shopping trip with Svetlana. She researched in advance all the stores that would meet my wardrobe requirements based on the conducted review and my personal needs. My budget requirements were also considered and Svetlana was able to get the best deals for me, so I saved quite a lot of money at the end.


The wardrobe review and the personal shopping trip hardly took 2 hours each of my time, where before I would spend days on searching a piece of clothing for myself and still would not be confident that I got the right item and it suits and fits me well.


What really differentiate Svetlana from other stylists that she provides her clients with the ongoing support and advice. So I know that while I'm still learning about the style, I can always reach out to Svetlana and ask for her professional opinion and she will explain to me why certain things fit or don't fit my wardrobe. I'm getting more confident now with selecting the right outfits for myself and it also lifts my confidence in everyday life and at my work.


I can highly recommend styling services of Svetlana to all professional women! 

Gulnara Kam

Financial assistant

 I have been working with Svetlana for few months, and I wish I met her earlier. She is not only outgoing and vibrant person, but also confident professional and man of tact. We were in contact several times in regards of sorting out my wardrobe and personal shopping after. She scheduled time, arrived at my home, and we have spent few hours by revision my clothes and creating new sets. Some of them were absolutely unique for me, even though it’s still my own clothes.  It is very convenient that you have pictures of this collaboration in your phone all the time, especially when you stuck in front of your closet with this typical question: what should I wear today?
She brought almost immediate solution to fill in my closet with extra items. She knows straight away what is right for you! I shopped online and in retail. If I needed her advice about anything, she was always easy to contact with and replied.  It was such a pleasure to work with Svetlana. I could recommend her without any hesitation to anyone who is interested in beginning a new chapter of her or his stylish life.


It was a pleasure meeting you Svetlana. Thank you for doing shopping with me twice. I had such a great time and I love all my new clothes that we bought together. I can’t believe just how much was covered in the time we spent together. I can spend that amount of time looking for one item of clothing and I came away with bags. I was so pleased that you took me into shops that I recognised and made me go into new shops and took me out of my comfort zone.I wear clothes we bought every day and feel absolutely fantastic. My friends noticed that I have more confidence and complimented on my new style. No more old style! You helped me feel feminine again. I feel like a new woman and I look like a new woman.  


Thanks a million.

Valentina Vagner

Jacqueline Keller 199.JPG

Jacqueline Keller

I first used Svetlana’s services when I was returning to my corporate job after maternity leave and needed a whole new work wardrobe. I wanted to walk back in that door feeling confident and amazing and Svetlana certainly delivered. She immediately knew what shapes and colours would suit me and our shopping trip was the most fabulous experience. She made me feel like a superstar and we had so much fun. I felt great in every single piece and loved that she pushed me to try outfits that I wouldn’t normally have tried and they looked fantastic.

Two years later, when I needed some outfits for a professional photo shoot, I knew straight away who I would call for help. I met Svetlana for our shopping trip and it was like going shopping with a best mate. She makes the whole process so simple and enjoyable and I feel AMAZING in everything she selects for me. Everything mixes and matches and I have saved a tonne of money because I will wear everything over and over again – nothing will stay stuck in my wardrobe with the tags still attached!

Thank you Svetlana – I can’t recommend you more highly. Everyone needs a stylist like Svetlana in their lives!


I have contacted Style by Kara for a help with professional wardrobe update and also for the corporate photoshoot and styling services. I have received an amazing result from photoshoot and extremely happy with the styling services provided by Svetlana Kara and her team of professionals. The wardrobe we chose is perfect for my busy corporate lifestyle and the photographs portfolio I received is an absolute gem! Thank you, Svetlana, for the awesome job!

Julia Leo


I highly recommend Style By Kara as your personal stylist for the photoshoot. I cannot stress enough how productive it was to have Kara during my recent personal branding photoset.

Kara advised me on the right choice of outfits and accessories, assisted me with changing outfits during the photoset (it saved me heaps of valuable time during a 1-hour session), advised on the right postures, make up and hair style. The choice of location was excellent! Not to mention that Kara kept an eye on ALL the minor things that could easily spoil even the most perfect shot. This allowed me to relax and not worry about the details as I knew they were under the watchful eye of a professional!

Thank you so much, Kara! I couldn't have done it without you!

Victoria Von T



This month I had the most enjoyable shopping experience in my life. To begin with, I don't like shopping. It exhausts me. Often I spend hours and hours cruising around crowded shops to return home unsatisfied and with empty bags. Shopping with Kara was easy, like a breeze. Before the shopping day, she did her research and prepared specific ideas. She considered all my wishes, including the budget. After 5 hours of shopping, I was still full of energy and, most importantly, with bags full of new outfits. They all were compatible with each other and with the clothes in my wardrobe.

In my particular case, it wasn't an easy task to find something with a Russian Folk flavour in it for my concerts, here in Australia. However, Kara did a fantastic job combing through websites and finding me a beautiful dress with white and blue patterns that looked so much like Gzhel (a type of Russian Folk pattern). Also, a couple of years back, Kara organised a photoshoot for my new music project: outfit, photographer, location etc. It was the most relaxing and inspiring photoshoot. I still admire the pictures from our session - they are simply magic! 

Shopping with Style-by-Kara certainly saved me money, time, and my sanity. I can't thank Kara enough for her efforts, passion and professionalism. It is such a pleasure working with her. Would highly recommend anyone! 

Olya Black, web-designer

owner WIX PRO studio

I had been thinking of using a stylist for quite a while when I contacted Svetlana. Svetlana is honest, direct and says it as it is, which is exactly what you need because when she says something looks good you believe her. She opened my eyes to a number of different styles that I have been hiding away from.

My new found ability to put outfits together has transformed my style, but most importantly my confidence. As well as a complete overhaul of my wardrobe I have had a complete change of mind set, that alone has been worth the investment. 


The entire experience from start to finish has been outstanding, it had such a positive lasting impact in a way that I never imagined.  

Svetlana is an awesome person, great fun to be with, has an amazing style herself and an expert in her field. I have highly recommended her to everyone I know. Thanks Svetlana!

Renata Webster, MarComms consultant

As a busy emerging professional and business woman, mother of two and a prolific socialite, I require multiple facets of life to be covered in my wardrobe. Time is an ultimate treasure and value. I like to look good, but cannot bear a thought of spending half a day in the shops. This is where Svetlana always comes to the rescue.


Knowing my style, habits, clothing personality and colours she always unmistakably locates THAT outfit, that I need for a particular event. It will always fit, compliment my figure, be ideal for the occasion and will be delightful for my budget. Svetlana’s analytical and very practical approach to clothes shopping have already introduced some timeless investment pieces into my wardrobe. Because of Svetlana’s background research and preparations, as well as the constant monitoring of the market, usually, we do not spend more than 30 minutes shopping, the rest of the time we drink coffee and enjoy each others company!

Whether you would like a new wardrobe or a slight enhancement of your favourite style, I could recommend a shopping session with Svetlana to anyone, regardless of age, occupation or budget.

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