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Personal styling


 full wardrobe assessment and outfit photography.

Do you think you have a great wardrobe but just look at it every day and wish you could put some fantastic outfits together? Do you often end up wearing the same thing from one day to the next and not really utilising all of your wardrobe?


During the Home Visit package I will come to your house and match your clothes together in ways you would never have imagined. From the average client’s wardrobe I usually create anything from 20 to 50 outfits. I then photograph these outfits and they are then sent to you so you can refer back to these at any time.

This package saves you time and money by helping you utilise all of your wardrobe. You’d be surprised by how many fantastic outfits you have just waiting to be put together.


The Home Visit package includes: full wardrobe assessment and outfit photography.

Wardrobe edit costs AUD 450, it usually takes 3 hours

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