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Styling for men


Shopping for clothes and looking good has never been this easy.

Do you loathe shopping for clothes? Find shopping centres overwhelming and confusing? Can’t shop with your partner or family without it ending in tears?!

Well the good news is, you’re like most men and that’s why they love this Power Shop service. 

 I am  ready to take the stress and frustration out of shopping for you. When you work with me, shopping for clothes will be easy, efficient and even fun! 

After getting to know you via a simple yet detailed  phone call or message, you leave the rest to me. With my experience and knowledge, I know exactly what stores to take you to that will meet your personalised needs – style, lifestyle, job, budget. There’s no wandering around the shops aimlessly – we shop with a plan of attack and we get results, fast.

Personal shopping with me is:

  • Efficient – spend less time shopping for maximum results;

  • Targeted – no time wasted wandering from store to store, you just go to the right stores for you;

  • Purposeful – buy exactly what you need and within your budget;

  • Cost Effective – with our exclusive discounts, you’ll most likely save your session fee!

  • Decisive – buy only what suits you, don’t be talked into buying things by sales assistants;

  • Easy – with our extensive knowledge regarding brands and fit;

  • Practical – the outfits will mix and match providing you with so many options

  • Objective – no judgement. Your stylist is your expert, not your partner/mother/sister!

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