Styling for men


Men these days need to be aware of their personal style and image.

This service offers a full professional wardrobe assessment with bespoke outfits created for you, alongside a portfolio of photographs. We come to you and assess the clothes that work and ones that don't. We style combinations of clothes together, and can alter existing clothes to give them a new edge and new lease of life.

​As expert stylists, we will get as many outfits from your existing wardrobe as possible; combining a wide variety of your clothes to get them working for you. We photograph each individual look and email you a copy for quick and easy reference.

As we review your wardrobe we'll no doubt find classic garments that create the basis of lots of different looks, and we also create a tailored shopping list along the way, to help you enhance your own individual style.


A follow-up personal shopping session is recommended to then take your wardrobe to being fully-complete, and to make the most out of what you already have

We are in Brisbane, get in touch.

​The wardrobe assessment service usually takes three hours and is priced at AUD $300.