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Collaboration with a Stylist from Style-by-Kara, shoe brand Peter Sheppard together with clothing brand Tenghdal styled five unique outfits for Mother’s Day Peter Sheppard campaign. The images were taken by AJK CREATION and were available to Peter Sheppard for social media and to create a competition among customers where they would be asked to vote for their favourite look. So each of the looks created were quite different and unique to one another.


Svetlana Kara, a stylist from Style-by-Kara, was featured in Wallis Pattison's book Being Bold Not Old, for a new generation of role models.


Wallis Pattisson is Fashionista & Influencer for an age-positive movement.


Styling created by Style-by-Kara for collaboration with Gems in Style and Lara Gems.


The Double Agent necklace with Pink Opal and Black Onyx designs are all about having fun.

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