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Styling for men


Building a personal style for different occasions

Our bespoke personal styling service is tailored for men who want to discover new styles and brands with a professional personal stylist. Whether you need to create one perfect outfit for an event, or go for a complete overhaul and build a high-quality yet functional wardrobe.

  • Expert advice in refreshing your wardrobe and building a truly personal style

  • Professional expertise in using the right clothes for any event

  • Shopping planning and preparation taken care for you

  • Enjoy the most effortless shopping trip you'll ever make

 Our personal styling service is the quickest and easiest way to shop for clothes that suit you personally.

We start with an initial consultation that really helps us to learn all about you, clothes-wise. Your shape, your size, your lifestyle and lastly, but most importantly - who you are. Once we get who you are, we can use your unique style to plan the shopping trip, enabling us to take you directly to the pieces you’ll love.

​Your time is precious, so before we hit the shops with you, we’ll run through our plan-of-attack and make sure you’re happy and meeting your expectations.

Then we shop. Thanks to our adept initial preparations, all you need to do is relax in the change room and we bring the clothes to you. Even if you think you hate shopping, we bet you won’t mind it one bit this way. You might even find you enjoy it.

Price for 1 hour initial consultation plus  2 hours shopping $450

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