Style coach


building a personal style for different occasions.

Are you hoping to take a new direction in life? A new job perhaps, or a new relationship, or branching out with a new social life?


Feeling confident whatever you are doing is critical. Wearing the right clothes makes you stand tall and feel ready to take on the world, however wearing the wrong clothes makes you want to hide and shrink away.


As a style coach it’s my job to help you find that inner confidence through your clothes. Wearing the right clothes that suit you and make the most of your shape has a real impact on everything in your life, from relationships to jobs.


I always tell my clients when you put on an outfit in the morning, you should be able to then completely forget about your clothes all day, leaving you to get on with your life and feel confident.

Do you feel like you’re making the wrong impression in the workplace? When meeting new people? Maybe even with potential romantic partners? We are all judged within a few seconds of meeting someone for the first time and making sure you make the right impression is of utmost importance.


During the Style Coaching session you’ll learn loads about yourself, your style and how to develop a look that will give you the confidence to do anything you want.


I am based full time in Brisbane.


Price for personal style consultation AUD 460 (minimum 4 hours).