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In 2013 I started my personal stylist business, Style By Kara, and said goodbye to my career in HR. At the time, I had no idea about the amazing adventure that awaited me. During the last few years I spent in HR I was responsible for the staff corporate look. I discovered I really enjoyed how the positive impact of a staff member’s look had an equally positive influence on their results and achievements at work.


For me it was fascinating how the right image has a direct affect on people, making them more confident and successful, not only at work but also in their entire life.


So, this experience gave me the inspiration to somehow combine my lifelong love of fashion with helping people. After spotting a huge gap in the market for styling services for busy people, especially women, I knew the personal stylist business was for me. Styling individuals is my passion, and a passion I would like to share with you. I am available to help you and I love every minute of what I am doing.

Let me introduce myself further:

I’ve been interested in fashion ever since I can remember. Advising my family, friends and colleagues on clothes is something I’ve just always done. Whether it was selecting the right everyday clothes, or an outfit for a special occasion, people would ask me for help. For many years it was simply my favourite pastime, but now I am thrilled to use my love of fashion professionally.


I like to think my Italian background has helped me to appreciate different kinds of beauty, as it is so fabulously varied. Italians are well known as a people with a passion for fashion. My experience working in Italy has given me skills I will use for life. While in Milan, I studied at the Italian School of Fashion and Style where I truly honed and strengthened my fashion and beauty skills.


My in-depth knowledge of fashion means that I am confidently able to provide my services to people with a broad range of fashion requirements.


I love fashion and I love people. Pure and simple. I have spent most of my life meeting new people and I get just as much enjoyment out of helping them as I hope they get from me. I get an immense sense of fulfillment from making people feel really good about themselves through fashion.
StyleByKara is all about giving time-poor people the confidence, through what they wear, to bring out their best.
Thank you for reading and for finding out more about StyleByKara
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