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Styling for photoshoot


For your upcoming shoot, enhance your day by hiring an experienced personal stylist. Our professional duo will unleash the full potential of your look. The impact of the end photos will be testimony to our expertise.

The focus will simply be on you, and your unique style. We will create a fresh and appealing look for you, emphasising your natural inherent beauty.

Take the stress out of your shoot with the support of a professional stylist. While the photographer is researching the right photo locations and preparing the lights and gear for the shoot, we will swing into action and take care of the following:

  • Source on-trend fashion pieces and props for the shoot – this service can be combined with the Home Visit or Personal Shopper package, so we can go right from your session, to getting ready for your shoot

  • Working collaboratively with the photographer, we will add style-advising expertise into the concept and planning of your shoot

  • We can liaise with the shoot team – from makeup artists to hair stylists – ensuring a consistent style in line with who you are, resulting in unforgettable end images

  • On the day, we’ll make sure the clothes selected for the session are presented exactly how they should be

  • If you need it, we can support you with modeling advice; tips on the most flattering poses and on how to work different looks while still looking unpretentious

  • We’ll keep a keen eye on your clothes while the shoot is unfolding, attention to detail is key when creating stunning imagery

  • Give style-advice on hair and make-up, making sure that everything looks impeccable

  • We’re all about contingency planning on the day, we’ll have top-class ‘Plan B’ options available right there on location, to accommodate any late-notice changes

For your photo shoot needing a gifted fashion stylist, we can help you. Team players with innovative creative vision, we’ll work together to get you looking amazing in front of the cameras.

Experienced stylist services are available for all your needs, including:

  • Fashion shoots

  • LookBooks

  • Commercial print advertisements

  • Magazine editorials

  • Book covers

Styled by Kara is simply renowned for stylist magic on a huge variety of shoots.

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