I offer Personal Styling and Image Consultancy for busy women and men. Our personal-styling service is choosing clothes for professionals who don’t have time to shop. Do they work? Yes! Are they busy? Yes!

Busy careers, family commitments and having social lives, a generation of professionals are stretched to their breaking point.

I would love to help you make the best of your image and help change the way you feel,look and shop - forever.

While living in Italy, I learnt to understand beauty in all of its aspects. Fashion has a special place in Italian culture. I absorbed this wonderful atmosphere of love and respect for beauty and style.


I studied in the Italian School of Fashion and Style based in Milan

The school gave me the expertise to become what I always wanted to be - a professional private stylist. Thanks to my training, I learned to feel fashion and beauty. Now I can share my knowledge with you, to make you happier. 



To get your very own personal stylist is very easy. Call me or leave a message on my website, and I will help you to find your personal style based on your budget, needs and preferences.