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Whether you’ve lost the passion or confidence for shopping, are unsure of where to shop, are time poor, or feeling totally lost in what to shop for, we can help you feel up to date and relevant in your fashion choices. And best of all we can help you feel excited by how you look.

Many of our clients say the result of our style consultation and personal shopping services have been life changing – welcoming in a whole new way of looking at themselves that is exciting and super empowering.

No matter what age, gender, shape or size, we will help you discover a personal style that will bring out your best and show you clothing combinations that will not only flatter your body shape, but will inspire and excite you.

Wardrobe edit

Wardrobe edit

Group shopping service

Group shopping service

Personal shopping

Personal shopping


While living in Italy, I learnt to understand beauty in all of its aspects. Fashion has a special place in Italian culture. I absorbed this wonderful atmosphere of love and respect for beauty and style.


I studied in the Italian School of Fashion and Style based in Milan

The school gave me the expertise to become what I always wanted to be - a professional private stylist. Thanks to my training, I learned to feel fashion and beauty. Now I can share my knowledge with you, to make you happier. 




To get your very own personal stylist is very easy. Call me or leave a message on my website, and I will help you to find your personal style based on your budget, needs and preferences.

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