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Have you noticed trouser suits have made a massive comeback? In actual fact they never faded out of fashion in the first place. They have always been a constant steady presence in business circles. Though last time they were a smokin’ hot fashion “must-have” was back in the big haired, big-shoulder padded ‘80s.​

Today you can wear them in virtually any shape and anywhere while still looking ultra-hip. Wear them with skinny or loose fit trousers. Wear them with long, floor-skimming or short trousers – even with bell-bottoms. However you like to mix it up, they will have you looking cutting-edge.

It's not just the trousers; you can have fun with your top-half too. So your jacket can be mid-thigh, a bit shorter at your hips, or a bit longer and grazing your knees. There are more loosely cut jackets or my current favourite: tailored and perfectly close fitted. One critical fashion point that is often overlooked – the high waisted trouser is a must. It gets more exciting as you decide what to wear beneath your suit jackets. A soft silky blouse, or a funky crop-top or...dare to wear nothing.

For fashionistas in 2016, trouser suits are not only for a formal business look, they are also for that casual coffee with mates and for a big night out. The trouser suit is available in a veritable rainbow of fabulous colours.

Hot tip: brilliantly bright coloured suits or suits with bold prints will give you a super sharp up-to-date look.

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