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The Boyfriend jeans reached fashion peak back in 2008, when actress Katie Holmes stepped out in her then-husband, Tom Cruise’s jeans. Whether those jeans were really borrowed or not we still do not know - history is stony silent on the matter.

What we are left with is the image; an effortless look of a young woman in her hot boyfriend’s jeans. It’s a look that has become extremely popular.​

Maybe the wishful thinking of fans – a cheeky mental image of Tom Cruise left at home half-naked without his jeans has helped the fashion status of the Boyfriend jeans!

Even without a cute story from the lives of celebrities, the Boyfriend jeans would still have made it to be a ladies wardrobe staple. This is because besides obviously being comfortable to wear and giving a chilled look, they are also a kind of all-in-one.

Manufacturers have readily responded to the huge demand and now everyone is making their version of the Boyfriend jeans; from international companies mass manufacturing them in factories for the wider market to traditional jeans companies. Also runway fashion stars like Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang are creating their bespoke versions of the Boyfriend jeans.

There is room for them all though as they are all so very different; super loose, fitted, ripped, with openings, hand stitched embroidery, and I could go on.

So really there are Boyfriends for everyone – you just need to decide exactly what it is you like.

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