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YOUR Styled Photo Experience

Fashion is all around us, yet when it comes to creativity and colour – everyone has their own unique style. Showcase yours by booking a Styled Photo Experience. Our dream team; photographer, personal stylist and hair stylist will listen, interpret and translate your own visual style into outstanding images. A photo session all about you. Before the day, we will use our fashion-advising expertise to help you build your concept and develop your look for the shoot – with Style By Kara’s help you can showcase your inherent style or go bold and try something fresh. Taking a creative lead from you, the photographer will thoroughly research the ideal photo location and prepare all the necessary lights and equipment ready for your shoot. Meanwhile the Style By Kara team will take care of that overwhelming “What on earth do I wear?” feeling by working with your own style identity and wardrobe, to select on-trend or classic fashion pieces, and additional props for the shoot. We’ll make sure you have a confidence boost before even stepping in front of the lens. At the shoot, your team will ensure your outfits are presented through the lens exactly how they should be and that your hair and make-up look impeccable for images that simply amaze. Our team know how vital attention to detail is when creating lasting imagery. Treat yourself. Have fun. And maybe take a few risks knowing you’ll definitely be taking home stunning shots. Style By Kara Styled Photo Experience. For further information, please contact us at 

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