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To be clear: our love affair with oversized sweaters started long ago. Oversized sweaters are genius things: comfy, cozy and oh-so-versatile. Perhaps that’s why designers aren’t letting go of them, be it winter, spring, summer or fall. Despite their resemblance to actual blankets, oversized sweaters can be flattering, energetic statement pieces, if styled correctly. One option is to streamline your look in monochromatic, head-to-toe knits. And, as proven by Laura Siegel — and Victoria Beckham, time and time again — you can’t go wrong in an oversize knit and loose trousers or a flowing skirt, so long as your footwear is sharp. So even during the week days you should follow your business dress-code, in days off your look can be more relaxed and cosy, yet stylish and trendy – all with oversized sweaters. This winter I find my oversize in Veronica Maine. Here you can find some more of my favourites – which one do you like?  What do you think about this kind of sweater or maybe you already have one? 

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